France plans to close border with Spain amid fears of tourists reporting infection at home


In Catalonia, nearly 8,000 cases have been diagnosed in the past 14 days – nearly half of the 16,410 detected across the country – despite guidelines requiring residents of Barcelona and outlying towns to stay at home.Josep Maria Argimon, the Catalan Secretary of Health, said next week that new measures should be introduced to flatten the curve of new infections, but did not reveal what they could be.

“Barcelona are at a critical juncture. We don’t have the intensive care units full like in March or a thousand patients in the hospitals but there is a dangerous increase in a densely populated place, ”he said.

Catalonia has 67 cases of Covid-19 per 100,000 inhabitants.

Madrid will introduce new measures next week to limit the number of people allowed to attend meetings and stricter measures to avoid overcrowding in bars and restaurants.

Enrique Ruiz Escudero, Madrid’s health chief, called on passengers traveling to Madrid airport to undergo coronavirus tests before leaving their own country after 77 travelers who landed in the Spanish capital were tested positive for coronavirus in recent days.

In Castile and León, in northern Spain, authorities on Friday banned elderly people from leaving retirement homes.

The government of the Balearic Islands was testing 1,900 workers at Mercapalma, a food market in Mallorca. None have tested positive.


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