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Used and discarded phones have been of concern to environmentalists since phones have become an intrinsic part of human life.Many are opting for recycling, or just simply swapping out their old phone for a new phone, which also saves money.

Send it by mail!

But France has found such a solution. Now people can mail their phones in to recycle and / or refurbish by a charity group to put it up for sale later.

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According to AFP estimates, more than 50 to 110 million phones are just sitting in France. Recycling is still elusive for many, and data theft fears are significant these days.

The NGO – Ecosystem claims that anyone can send their phones to them in a paid envelope that can be purchased on their website. In addition, they can print a prepaid label.

To encourage reuse

Once posted, the phones are held in a processing center and assessed. The pilot stage erases its data before it is fixed or put on sale.

Phones are mainly sold in charity stores. However, the majority of phones (over 83%) are dismantled first and then recycled. This is done to rid the device of all polluting items.

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As part of its redistribution plan, the NGO will hand over 100 refurbished phones during each of the 35 stages of the Tour de France 2020 cycling race, which will start on August 29.

Ecosystem has collected more than 62,000 tonnes of material discarded after people cleaned their homes during the COVID-19 lockdown.

This move can encourage reuse of old devices instead of just throwing them away, which produces a lot of waste.

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