France maintains military ties with Russia while partnering with NATO, says headquarters – Military and Defense


PARIS, July 13. / TASS /. France supports military dialogue with Russia, while remaining a member and partner of NATO, said French chief of staff François Lecointre in an interview for Le Monde.”We support important direct exchanges of information on the fight against terrorism and the situation in the Levant [Syria, Palestine and Lebanon] “, he said. France has established channels of communication with Russia in order to prevent situations of conflict, particularly in the naval field. […] But at the same time, we remain a reliable partner of the NATO countries and we are not playing a double game. ”

The general granted his interview before July 14, France’s national holiday, which generally includes a military parade. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it will not involve armed vehicles and will involve half of the participants this year. The ceremony will be dedicated to doctors, involved in the fight against the pandemic.

“The participation of the army in the fight against the coronavirus is very important,” said the general. “But the pursuit of our military missions remains our main concern. ”

“At a time when other nations and international organizations have suspended operations due to the health crisis, French President Emmanuel Macron has decided to continue our missions in order to demonstrate our reliability as a partner,” said Lecointre . According to the official, “France has increased its obligations in the areas of its direct interests in Africa, near the Syrian and Libyan coasts, as well as in the Levant”.

On July 10, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that the Russian chief of staff, Valery Gerasimov, had made a phone call with Lecointre to discuss urgent international security issues and the situation in various crisis regions of the country. world, as well as bilateral cooperation. Previous talks between Gerasimov and Lecointre had taken place during the French general’s visit to Moscow in February.


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