France increases the salaries of health workers by more than 8 billion euros


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                Le gouvernement français et les syndicats ont signé lundi un accord accordant plus de huit milliards d'euros d'augmentations salariales aux agents de santé, le Premier ministre admettant que cette décision était attendue en raison de la pandémie de coronavirus.

Au plus fort de la flambée épidémique en France, les gens applaudissaient tous les soirs les agents de santé qui à leur tour disaient qu'une telle gratitude sonnait creuse si elle n'était pas suivie de mesures concrètes.

Most of the package includes 7.5 billion euros ($ 8.5 billion) for salary increases for nurses and caregivers, who will benefit from an average monthly increase of 183 euros ($ 208 ).

There is also € 450 million ($ 510 million) for doctors to raise the salaries of those working only in the public sector, a move to lure them into more lucrative private clinics.

“No one can deny that this is a historic moment for our health care system,” said Prime Minister Jean Castex after a signing ceremony that followed seven weeks of negotiations between the government and the unions.

“It is first of all the recognition of those who have been on the front line in the fight against this epidemic,” he said.

“It is also a way of catching up for everyone – including perhaps myself – who has their share of responsibility. ”

But some unions, including the hard CGT, have refrained from signing the agreements, an indication that tensions over the issue may not be over.

The coronavirus epidemic has now killed more than 30,000 people in France and while infection rates have dropped significantly, officials remain cautious about the risk of a second wave.




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