France chooses 30 million priority citizens for the Covid-19 vaccine


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                Le Conseil scientifique français élabore des plans pour quelque 30 millions de citoyens «à haut risque» qui, selon lui, devraient bénéficier d'un accès prioritaire à tout futur vaccin contre le coronavirus.

Le conseil, qui a été créé pour conseiller le gouvernement français sur sa stratégie épidémique, affirme que les groupes prioritaires doivent être ciblés en prévision de la mise à disposition d'un vaccin dès la fin de l'année.

Dozens of vaccine projects are underway in countries around the world – with prototypes in the US and UK moving to phase three of large-scale human trials after producing encouraging initial results. However, the efficacy of vaccines in the medium and / or long term is still unknown.

As part of a national vaccination strategy defined by the Scientific Council on Friday, some 6.8 million people considered to be at increased risk because of their employment must receive the vaccine “as soon as it is available”. Within this group, 1.8 million frontline health workers were rated as “high priority”.

The other 5 million exposed professionals – considered “high priority” – include traders, home helpers, teachers, bus and taxi drivers and slaughterhouse workers. Add to that some 23 million people considered to be at risk because of their advanced age or fragile state of health.

With other European countries, the French government is negotiating vaccine reservation contracts – although questions remain as to their efficacy and safety.

The Scientific Council predicts that tens of millions of doses of vaccines (comprising up to five different products) will be available between the last quarter of 2020 and the first quarter of 2021. These doses could be administered in the event of a second wave of Covid -19, he said.

However, the board recommended a “rigorous evaluation” of the efficacy and safety of vaccines before they are widely deployed.

The Council also rejected the idea of ​​making vaccination compulsory.



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