France and Italy remove travel restrictions to Japan


TOKYO / LONDON – France, Italy and a number of European countries have eased entry restrictions from Japan, Nikkei learned.On Saturday, the other two members of the Group of Seven as well as the Netherlands, Sweden, Greece, Croatia, Latvia, Luxembourg and Cyprus had lifted the measures blocking visits to Japan, according to government announcements or local media. Each country had imposed strict regulations to fight the new coronavirus.

This decision follows the announcement of a list compiled by the European Union of 15 “safe” countries, including Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Australia, but not in the United States.

China is also on the EU list – but only on the condition of reciprocal action by the Chinese authorities.

But the list is not legally binding and member countries can exclude any country they deem unfit to open their borders.

France no longer needs a period of self-quarantine after entering from these countries, but Italy still does.

Switzerland plans to relax restrictions from July 20.

Japan, for its part, has not announced reciprocal measures. It aims to maintain a general entry ban on foreigners from the EU and to impose two-week home quarantines on Japanese nationals who have visited EU countries.

Travel with European countries should therefore not rebound anytime soon.

Germany and Austria have not lifted travel restrictions to Japan. The German government said on Friday that it would only relax travel restrictions in Japan if the Asian country lifted its own.

The UK announced on Friday that it will remove the 14-day auto-quarantine requirement for travelers from 59 countries and regions, including Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. The relaxed measures will take effect on July 10.


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