France admits political support to Haftar and denies military safeguard


French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said Paris had provided Khalifa Haftar with political but not military support, adding that his country was giving political consultations to Haftar’s forces, according to Le Figaro.“Paris is not in favor of one party over the other in Libya. We are in talks with all parties. ” The Drian told the French Senate, saying that Haftar had tried to take power in Tripoli after his forces had fought Daesh in Libya.

Le Drian pointed out that a difficult calm prevailed in Sirte and Jufra, calling for using it to transfer the situation into a truce then a cease-fire.

France still insists that it does not support Haftar militarily despite all the evidence that includes the murder of three French soldiers in Benghazi in 2016, when their helicopter was shot down, French officers who were arrested by the Tunisian authorities when they were smuggled into the country after Haftar’s failure to seize Tripoli quickly in April 2019 and numerous drones and recent Javelin missiles found in the city of Gharyan.

The Drian also insists on selling his story to the world about Haftar’s fighting against ISIS in Libya, ignoring the fact that the forces that are attacked by Haftar are now the ones that uprooted ISIS from their fortress in Sirte.


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