Fox’s Chris Wallace checks President Trump


In the interview, Trump accused the Democrats of “mismanaging” big cities, then repeated his campaign’s lie that the former Democratic Party vice president and presidential candidate wanted to rid the country of the police .”Sir, he doesn’t,” retorted Wallace.

Trump doubled, claiming Biden had “signed a charter” with Senator Bernie Sanders, a reference to a 110-page document containing policy recommendations developed by allies of the former vice president and his former presidential rival .

“It doesn’t say anything about cutting police funding,” said Wallace. Trump didn’t have it, replying, “Oh really? He says abolish, he says. Come on, get me the charter, please. “

The video clip ended there. But when Wallace caught sight of his Sunday interview with Fox anchor Bill Hemmer, he gave a clue as to what happened next.

Wallace said Trump “had reviewed” the charter and “found many things he objected to Biden accepting, but found no indication – because there are none not – that Joe Biden sought to reimburse and abolish the policy. “


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