Fox News separates from morning host who scared Covid-19


Heather Childers, who had been a morning host on Fox since 2012, was benched after the incident in late March. It has not been re-aired – despite its public campaign on Twitter and its messages to President Trump.

This week, after sources said Childers was no longer affiliated with the network, a spokesperson for Fox confirmed his exit.

“Fox News and Heather Childers have gone their separate ways. We wish her well, ”the spokesperson told CNN Business.

The unusual circumstances of its release are a window into the TV news industry’s adjustments due to the pandemic.

Fox News has come under special scrutiny since many of its top-rated stars downplayed the dangers of Covid-19 during key periods of February and March, when the virus was silently spreading across the United States.

Shows like “Fox & Friends” frequently sided with President Trump’s proclamations that the virus was under control and that it would go away somehow.

During the week of March 16, when life in New York City and other major metropolitan areas came to a standstill, Fox’s coverage got more serious. Fox executives instituted home work plans and limited the number of people allowed at network headquarters.

Childers conducted 4 am of “Fox & Friends First,” the network’s first live program of the day. On March 18, she was visibly ill both on and off camera, which worried staff members who were still entering the building, sources said.

Childers visited a doctor after the show and said on Twitter that she was fine. She returned to work and livened up her hour on March 19.

But Fox executives were angry that she came to work when she was visibly ill, according to a source knowledgeable on the matter. That’s why she was sidelined from March 20.

As the days turned into weeks, Childers began to push for a return to her show through her Twitter account. In a tweet on March 31, she admitted to “coughing and sneezing in the air” but said she “never went to work feeling sick”. She tested for Covid-19, came back negative and sent those results to Fox management.

On April 6, she tweeted that she had tested negative twice and was unsure when she might be back on TV. She has shared numerous messages of support from her fans and occasionally tweeted directly to Trump, pleading his case.

“I would love to go back to work @realDonaldTrump,” she tweeted on April 9, “but the antibody tests are only positive if you’ve had the virus. I had TWO negative COVID19 test results and no symptoms. ” She tweeted: “Can I go back to work? ”

On April 19, she again tweeted to the President: “Please get us all back to work.”

Fox’s answer, apparently, was no. The children have not returned to television. In July, she removed Fox references from her social media profiles and shared content from Fox’s right-wing rivals instead.

Childers did not respond to a request for comment from CNN Business.


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