Former Personal Assistant Arrested For Murder Of Technology CEO Fahim Saleh


A former employee was arrested in the gruesome murder of technology CEO Fahim Saleh, sources told the Post on Friday.Tyrese Devon Haspil, 21, is in detention and is expected to be charged with the murder of Saleh – who was found beheaded and dismembered in his apartment on the Lower East Side on Tuesday, sources said.

Haspil worked as Saleh’s chief of staff in his venture capital firm Adventure Capital – but acted as his personal assistant.

The reason for the Saleh massacre is stolen money, sources say.

The 33-year-old entrepreneur learned that Haspil stole $ 100,000 from him – but instead of reporting it to the authorities, he negotiated a reimbursement plan with the young man.

But at some point, Haspil would have reneged on the agreement.

“It was an act of charity that turned into murder,” said the source.
Saleh’s body was discovered on Tuesday by a worried cousin who hadn’t heard from him for days, sources told The Post.

Fahim Saleh
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He was killed on Monday after Haspil apparently zapped him with a taser and stabbed him deadly, the New York Times reported. Haspil then returned the next day to cut Saleh’s body and clean up the crime scene.

Security images from inside the elevator show Haspil using a portable vacuum to try to cover its tracks, the Times said.

The surveillance video of the Saleh East Houston Street building shows the businessman and a Haspil elegantly dressed together in the elevator – which opens directly onto his apartment – Monday afternoon. It was the last time Saleh was seen alive.


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