Former GLOW Beckie Mullen dies


The wrestling world lost its third wrestling star in a day, following the death of former GLOW star Beckie Mullen. TMZ has confirmed that Mullen, known as Sally The Farmer’s Daughter, has lost her long battle with cancer. Mullen’s daughter Brittani Rabay confirmed the news, saying her mother was diagnosed in October 2019 and had stage 4 kidney, colon and liver cancer. Mullen was 56 years old.News of Mullen’s passing follows today’s news of the death of independent wrestler Walt McDonald at the age of 54 and the death of WCW alumnus Kat LeRoux.

Mullen was born July 30, 1963, and made her debut with GLOW in 1986. She appeared in the show’s first and third seasons, and then did guest spots on a host of shows, including Married with children, Pacific Blue, Cybill, and Black scorpion. She also played a role in the 1999 drama Voyeur and appeared in an episode of MadTV.

On behalf of 411, our condolences to the family, friends and fans of Beckie Mullen.


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