Florida votes against delays, will continue high school football


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Stop us if you’ve heard this one before. Florida is going to move forward with the sport, even if medical advice goes the other way.

According to Buddy Collins of Orlando Sentinel, the Florida High School Athletic Association voted in favor of the current high school sports schedule, which includes playing football starting next Monday.

The FHSAA board of directors voted 10-5 to keep things as originally planned, voting against three proposals that would have pushed back the start date by two weeks.

The group’s sports medicine advisory committee recommended that women’s football and volleyball be delayed indefinitely due to their increased risk, but some board members did not receive the report until Monday.

“We are of the opinion that returning to competition for the high-risk sports of soccer and volleyball is not medically safe,” said Dr. Jennifer Maynard, a doctor in Jacksonville from the Mayo Clinic who chairs the Mayo Clinic. committee.

The board has agreed to another meeting next week, but for now, football will start as planned in one of the country’s hot spots for COVID-19.

“We are right now, whether you want to recognize it or not, we are the epicenter,” Miami Riviera Prep athletic director Mark Schusterman said. “The truth is, it’s spreading statewide. If we don’t help stop it, we are putting our children at risk.

Other states, including California, are changing their schedules, including pushing football back into the spring. Florida has been the most welcoming of states to bring back the sport and big events, hosting the NBA and MLS bubbles in Orlando, and volunteering to host a big political convention in August.

The Buccaneers and Dolphins pushed back on rookie reports for two days (it was scheduled to start today), but if not, NFL training camps also appear to start on schedule.


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