Florida swimmer severely sunburned in viral video dubbed “Hellboy”


A Florida man was compared to the character in the movie Hellboy after a viral video showed him in the water with a disturbing bright red sunburn.

ABC News tweeted on July 9 about a group of stingrays swimming in the water off a Florida beach.

One of them was a man with a brutal sunburn, and the clip has been watched over 7 million times.

The man was not identified, but social media posters were not nice to him.

“It looked like Hellboy to me,” quipped one of them in reference to the devil horned character from Dark Horse Comics, later the goal of the hit franchise, with Ron Perlman.

“Does Satan swim? Asked another.

“This red man is going to have regrets when he tries to sleep. And when he wakes up. And all next week, “said another poster.

Hellboy. Universal images

Some viewers laughed at abc to speak of rays instead of humans.

“The story here, at least the one that everyone is interested in, is the red guy! Nobody thinks of the damn stingrays! … Except maybe wondering what they were thinking when they met their first red human being. Who the hell is he? “


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