Florida man buys Lambo with COVID relief funds, gets caught after car crash


A man in Miami, Florida was caught abusing a government-issued coronavirus relief fund for small businesses while involved in a hit-and-run in his Lamborghini, for which he would have spent the money instead.David T. Hines apparently bought the blue Lamborghini Huracan Evo for US $ 318,497 using part of the US $ 4 million loan from the Small Business Administration (SBA) he received to cover expenses incurred by his four companies during the pandemic, according to the Miami Herald.

The SBA aims to protect employee jobs and to cover other legitimate costs that entrepreneurs might face, such as commercial rent; it goes without saying that an Italian supercar does not meet the criteria.

However, karma is really a, uh, snitch, and he apparently decided for his selfish purchase, Hines would be involved in a get-away crash in the vehicle on July 11 – in fact, that’s how his plan. was discovered. Miami Police have seized his car and prosecutors are planning to seize it. Hines appeared in Miami federal court on fraud and other charges on July 27.

Hines was detained overnight and received bail of US $ 100,000 by investigating judge John O’Sullivan. He was instructed to stay with his mother with a GPS monitor. Hines is due to be arrested on October 14.

This is not Hines’ first contact with the law or with Lamborghini. In 2018, he reported that his girlfriend stole another Lamborghini, but when the police found the car, Hines became uncooperative and he and the girlfriend fled before they were eventually found and arrested.


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