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A Florida man shot and killed a father and daughter, who called the police for help over a dispute over his dog.Port St. Lucie police said an 82-year-old man “actively fired” with two handguns when he entered Alexander Hansman’s house on Monday, killing Hansman and his daughter, Harper.

Harper called 911 for help before his death.

“If you heard this call over the radio, it would put your hair on your neck,” said St. Lucie county sheriff Ken Mascara, CBS affiliate KMOV-TV. “A little girl calls and says you know, ‘Someone’s shooting in our house. I think my parents are dead. I think my family is dead. »»

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First responders found the suspect on the second floor and exchanged gunshots with him. By the time SWAT arrived, the suspect was dead. The cause of his death is still under investigation, reports the Associated Press (AP).

Hansman, 55, was pronounced dead at the scene, while Harper was pronounced dead on the way to the hospital. Five other people inside the house managed to escape, according to the AP.

A police officer at the scene was shot and released from the hospital.

Hours before the shooting, the deceased suspect was in court with the victims over complaints about his dog, a Bullmastiff named Roxy, said CBS12.

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Kansas soldier enters active shooter and saves lives

The owner of the dog was identified by police as Ronald Delserro, 82, who died that day, according to the AP.

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Deputy Police Chief Richard Del Toro told the media that the shooting was probably the result of a fight over the dog. On March 4, Animal Control visited their two homes about a dog bite.

“The rage we are in right now is really not good, and doing this with a dog is insane, and a little girl is dead,” neighbor neighbor Charles Dagata told the radio station.

“I think it was an intentional act of violence against these neighbors,” said Del Toro on Monday. “It’s tragic. You cannot rationalize irrational behavior. ”

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A homicide investigation is underway.

People said the dog was humanely euthanized on Wednesday.

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