Flames Mailbag: how a flat cap impacts the chances of re-signing Brodie, Hamonic


Calgary hockey fans should not expect to read about Flames players who get Covid-19.

This is not to say that none of them has tested positive or will do so in the future.

However, league protocols require GM Brad Treliving and all other league officials to inquire about tests and positive results to the league.

“We can’t say anything now,” said Treliving of the politics that tied his hands.

“I can’t even come to you and say, ‘All the tests we have done, we have had no positive tests.’ A few weeks ago, they said the league would send all of this information every week. “

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Indeed, the league sent a weekly press release, which showed on Monday that 23 NHLers had tested positive since the teams had started to assemble within the framework of phase 2. Before that, the league was aware of 12 tests positive, bringing the total to 35.

However, the league will not give details such as the names of players or the clubs from which positive tests come.

Things will get interesting when the camp opens next week and daily reports can be made by reporters at each rink, where they will get their first glimpse of team practices in four months.

The way in which the different absences will be counted by the teams will be fascinating.

Now, more answers to your questions in the pre-camp mailbag:

Q: With a flat cap over the next few years, how do you think it will affect the Flames by signing Hamonic or Brodie again? (@ BChud1972)

A: It certainly makes things more difficult, but the reality is that both players will have to adjust their salary expectations.

Most of the contenders in the league will feel the tightening of the cap, which will limit their ability to make significant additions during the off-season. That said, the Flames have a little more leeway than most, which gives them an advantage over the others.

There has never been a chance that the two will return – perhaps they could keep one at best. The smart money is on that player who is Brodie, if they keep one or the other.

Q: Which goalkeeper named Cam Talbot deserves to start for the Flames? Talbot was up before the brutal end of the season and Rittich down. (@jakethesnail)

A: There is no doubt in my mind that Cam Talbot will be determined to be the starter to open the series streak against Winnipeg.

Indeed, he was the hottest goalkeeper before the break, posting figures that placed him among the leaders of the league since Christmas. His season totals are in fact remarkably close to Vezina candidate Connor Hellebuyck in save percentage and GAA (.919, 2.63 for Talbot, .922, 2.57 for his Jets counterpart).

Not only was he the Flames’ top goaltender this year, but he also has a lot more playoff experience. Several types of flame management put a lot of stock into the belief that it is easier to start the veteran and then go to backup if things go wrong, instead of trying it the other way.

That said, if Talbot doesn’t have a good camp when the guys return, the competition could once again be wide open.

Q: Do you think the eastern conf. should teams play in Edmonton and vice versa? (@Rob_MetalVodka)

A: Not at all.

First of all, I think we can all agree that the “home ice advantage” has been mitigated by the fact that there will be no fans in the stands, and that the Oilers or Leafs will not even be guaranteed to be in their own locker room during their stay.

In addition, players from host teams will stay in the same hotels as all the other teams in their hub. There is no reason to play with the time zones of the two conference teams.

The league and its broadcast partners obviously want to maximize the number of viewers, so it would make little sense for the Leafs to play in Edmonton where some of their matches should be played at 8:00 p.m. (Eastern time) or play at the end of afternoon. matches in Edmonton to match prime time in Ontario.

No oriental audience wants their teams’ matches to start at 10 p.m. Keep the teams in the geographic regions they belong to and are most used to playing.

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Q: How far should the Flames go in the playoffs to remove Ward’s interim tag, knowing that Gallant and Laviolette are still there? (@rtrevy)

A: A Flame-out play-in would certainly have the general manager review everything in the organization once again.

Apart from a first round flop, it’s hard to imagine that the club would not drop the interim tag and give Geoff Ward at least a year more (that’s what he has left of his current contract ) as a head coach.

The Flames have never been interested in hiring expensive, star-studded coaches and that should not change anytime soon given Calgary’s horrible economy and the obvious financial hurdles the league faces with COVID-19 constantly evolving.

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Q: Will the Flames be improved with Hall, Lehner on Gaudreau and Talbot next season? (@finleysp_mark)

A: The Flames will be on the market for a goalkeeper if Cam Talbot cannot be re-signed.

But while Robin Lehner is a distant possibility on this front, Taylor Hall is not. Finally, at the very least, not to replace Gaudreau.

Listen, talking about an exchange with Gaudreau has been by far the biggest topic among Flames fans in the past year and a half.

Eventually, this will happen, but linking it to Hall doesn’t make sense because it’s a UFA waiting for a salary that will likely earn him millions more than Gaudreau’s $ 6.75 million ceiling.

Q: Do you think it’s time to shake the hard core? (@ Carsonelc13)

A: Let’s answer that one after the playoffs.

The answer could then be a little more obvious.


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