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On Friday, five men were convicted by a Hamburg district court for their actions during widespread protests and riots at the 2017 G20 summit in the northern German city.The 18-month trial ended after the young men pleaded not guilty and hoped for a full acquittal.

24-year-old youth from France convicted of serious offense of incitement to arson, causing dangerous bodily harm and assaulting law enforcement officials . He was sentenced to three years.

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The other four defendants were all from the German state of Hesse. The most serious case among them concerned a 26-year-old youth sentenced to 17 months suspended prison sentence. A 24-year-old boy was given a 15-month suspended prison sentence. The other two, both aged 20, must perform community service for violating the peace.

The prosecutor had demanded much tougher sanctions, calling for prison terms for the five accused.

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G20 protests

The four young men from Germany and the accused from France were among the approximately 220 people who burned cars and buildings on Hamburg’s Elbchaussee street, smashing several windows and smearing paint houses.

Violence broke out for three nights in July 2017, with dozens of damaged buildings, looted shops and burned vehicles. About 200 police officers were injured in skirmishes with groups of protesters walking the streets dressed in dark clothes and wearing face masks to hide their identities.

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Authorities estimated that damage worth 12 million euros ($ 13.5 million) had been caused. The mass protests involved around 6,000 people. Over 400 people were arrested during the three nights.

A special task force has combed through the terabytes of police footage, video surveillance footage and private video using facial recognition software and geolocation data to locate the perpetrators.

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