Five questions with Curtis Joseph


Curtis Joseph has said goaltenders will have the edge when Stanley Cup qualifying begins in phase 4 of the NHL return to play plan.”At least that’s how I always saw it when I played,” said Joseph. “When I got out of training camp, I always thought I had the advantage. Of course, skaters will tell you differently.

“When these teams leave their camps, which they call Phase 3 (which should open on July 13), it’s not like they are entering their first week of regular season where you could take some time to get in shape. . These games will be essential from the start, and a fit goalkeeper could make all the difference. There will be no time, no leeway to eliminate rust, especially for a goalkeeper. ”

Qualifications are expected to begin on August 1 in two main cities to be determined – one for the top 12 Eastern Conference teams and one for the top 12 Western Conference teams based on percentage points when the season was halted on March 12 due to concerns. surrounding the coronavirus. The top four teams from each conference will play in a round robin to determine the top four seeders for the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Teams that finished fifth through 12th in each conference will each play in the top 5 qualification series. The winning teams will advance to the playoffs, and the losing teams will have a chance at choice # 1 in the 2020 NHL Entry Draft in the second phase of the NHL Entry Lottery.

Joseph believes that the Stanley Cup winner will be one of the winning teams in the Cup playoffs. He also discussed his hopes of one day being inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame and wondered why former Maple Leafs teammate Alexander Mogilny was not already in the Hall.

Here are five questions with … Curtis Joseph:

You mentioned the importance of a warm goalkeeper for teams entering phase 4. What other benefit do you think some teams will have, especially given the unique circumstances of coming out of an extended break in play due to concerns about the coronavirus pandemic?

“The teams that win this first round of the top 5 and who play against one of the teams that pretty much got a pass and played in the classification round, they have an advantage. You have to play at a high pace. These teams that come out of these best series of 5, they will have a big advantage. I would bet on these teams to go further. There may be some upheavals because these teams have already played which amounts to a playoff at a high level. You get hot. Look for that, a team coming out of this best of 5, looking for them to go all the way. ”

You say that with certainty. Why do you feel so strongly about this?

“The more you play for and through your life, the better off you will be. You’ve already survived the threat of having to go home at the end of training camp and have been thrown into a do-or-die situation, which the top four teams in each conference don’t have to deal with. It makes you mentally more difficult. And if you’ve won a qualifying streak, chances are your goalkeeper is in good shape. It is enormous. I have always said that you can lose with a poor goalkeeper, but you cannot win without a good one. And as a goalie, when you ride, you see the pucks, you play with confidence, and sometimes you feel like you can stop anything. Once you have passed this first series, you have confidence in your team and your team has confidence in you. It is a relationship that can take both parties very far. ”

Given the importance of what a goalie means to a team like you just pointed out, why do you think there are so few at the Hockey Hall of Fame? According to official hall statistics, 38 of the 284 players in the player category are goalies.

” Good question. The goalie plays 60 minutes or more in the playoffs in each game, so I’m not sure what else you can do. It is an extremely important position. Perhaps it is more difficult to quantify this position than any other position. Maybe advanced statistics and advanced analytics come into play, it will be easier to quantify this position. Because individual cups or awards are hard to find, believe me, especially when you have a dominant guy in the playing position at the same time. At a time when Dominik Hasek won six… the Vezina Trophies as the best goalkeeper in the League, for example, he was amazing, he also won the Hart Trophies as the NHL MVP at the time. , no matter how good, win a Vezina when the guy also wins Harts. And championships, well, it’s very difficult to win a championship. I always say, and that’s what I love about hockey, it’s the greatest team sport of all Because you can’t take the best player on the best team and put him on the worst team and this worst team will suddenly win the Cup. You can not. There is no chance. But you can take a team like Vegas (Golden Knights), a team of unprotected guys, and bring them all together and they share the same ideas and they band together, and they can go to the finals in their first season (2018) and to be the second best team in the sport. It’s awesome? It’s my best analogy to how it’s the best team sport. You couldn’t take Sidney Crosby or Alex Ovechkin and put it in the worst team and they would win. There is no way. It would not happen. ”

You have been eligible for the Hall since 2012 but you have still not been inducted. You’ve explained why you didn’t win the Vézina Trophy or the Stanley Cup, but you’re seventh on the all-time winning list with 454, an impressive number. How disappointed were you last month when you didn’t receive a call from the room?

“I never see it or think about it until this day. And then I see it on Twitter or something, and then it keeps me busy all day. Unfortunately, this has not yet happened. And, honestly, it’s the pinnacle of anyone not the feather in the cap; it’s putting the whole cap on with the feather. It would be amazing. The guys who came before me are obviously so deserving. It’s a special day. It’s a special day for hockey around the world. It’s awesome. But the reality is that I can’t stop the pucks anymore. It’s out of my hands. I played with great people of course, and I played against great people. In the end, I was very happy with my career. ”

You supported Alexander Mogilnywants to enter the room. What is your argument on his behalf?

“He has the statistics (1,032 points in 990 games), but it’s more than that. Here’s a story that tells you everything you need to know: we were in Buffalo and this guy had three breakaways on me in the first half, maybe in the first 15 minutes. He was flying. Best player on the ice by far. And I don’t know if he pierced a guy, said something to an official, whatever, he was kicked out of the game and I thought, “Thank god, get this guy out of here. He was so dynamic. He was on fire. He was flying. This is the type of talent of Alex. Any goalkeeper from my time or the time he played, they would say the same thing. You had to know when he was on the ice, when he got off the bench, all that. He could get the fans out of their seats. He’s like Eric Lindros, not in the style of play, but in the fact that Eric was talented in the Hall of Fame and had to wait to get in. He did it. I hope Alex will do it someday too. ”


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