Fitbit Charge 4 Receives “Smart Wake Up” Alarm and Dynamic GPS with Latest Software Update


The latest Fitbit Charge 4 software update offers two major upgrades, including dynamic GPS and a “smart wake-up” option. First reported by 9to5Google, the new features are now deployed for all users.

Dynamic GPS allows you to connect to your phone’s GPS if it is in range, which can help with location accuracy and preserve the Fitbit’s battery life. If your phone is not close enough, the tracker will revert to its internal GPS, which can drain the battery faster.

The Smart Wake feature is a pretty cool addition; it will work with the cell phone’s sleep tracking and set alarms to wake you up when you feel most rested. Another new option allows users to decide how long the screen stays on after the Fitbit has been woken up.

In addition to the new features, the Fitbit Charge 4 also has Spotify control, seven days of battery life and other premium features that were previously reserved for its connected watches. Released earlier this year, the Charge 4 retails for $ 149.95.


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