First English pubs close due to fear of coronaviruses a few days after lockout


Two pubs in England were forced to close just two days after reopening after their customers tested positive for the coronavirus.Lighthouse Kitchen & Carvery of Burnham-on-Sea announced that it had been forced to close its Facebook page today.

The pub is one of hundreds that have reopened in England after nearly four months of foreclosure on what had been dubbed “Super Saturday”.

The post suggested that pub staff contact customers to let them know about the news through the monitoring and testing system, reports Somerset Live.

It is recommended that anyone contacted self-isolate for 14 days and have a test if they have symptoms of Covid-19.

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The lighthouse is at Burnham-on-Sea

He says, “This is not the message we wanted to write this early, but The Lighthouse will be closed due to a positive test for Covid-19.

“We are slowly going through our list of customers who were in the pub on Saturday.

“All of our staff will be tested and we will reopen when there is free time to do so. Thanks for all the positive phone calls. ”

Prior to the opening of the Lighthouse, he posted on his Facebook page a list of new rules that customers must follow, including all customers must give their names and addresses to staff and disinfect them before entering the building.

Le Fox & Hounds à Batley, West Yorkshire

He also said that the furniture should not be moved for any reason, as it has been placed to respect social distance and there is a one-way system in all the premises.

The message also says, “Please understand that this is a learning curve for all of us and I am sure that some measures can change very quickly if the system does not work.

“We are together to keep us safe, I hope to see you all soon.” The Lighthouse family. ”

Fox & Hounds in Batley, West Yorkshire also reopened on Saturday and announced its closure in a Facebook message today.

The Village Home Pub in Alverstoke, Hampshire

Pubs are said to be the first in England to close and contact customers due to a coronavirus.

The post said, “Following our announcement this morning that we will be closed until further notice, I would like to clear up all the rumors and speculation that are currently floating.

“This morning, I received a phone call from a customer who visited our pub on Saturday to tell me that he had tested positive for coronavirus.

“During their visit, they were unaware and had no symptoms, but after seeing a message in another place they had visited, it was best to take a test to which they returned positive.

Customers are contacted through the tracking and testing system

“For reasons of confidentiality, we will not name this person.

“Following this information, we await further information from the NHS and a tracking and tracing system.

“Myself and all the staff took a test today and we should have the results within 48 hours. ”

The pub manager added that the premises will be thoroughly cleaned before they reopen.

A group of revelers have a drink at Borough Market, London

The message ended: “We fully understand that this is a scary time, but we want to make sure that the safety of our customers is our main priority in these difficult times.

“Over the past few weeks, we have put a lot of hard work into the pub following government advice to reopen.

“Anyone who visited us this weekend can see our new one-meter table layout, our one-way systems, full table service and continuous cleaning. ”

A third pub in Alverstoke, Hampshire, also announced on Facebook that a customer had tested positive for Covid-19, so it was closed.

People drink in Soho, London

The Village Home wrote: “We had a case of coronavirus in the pub, which means that some of us are isolated.

“The pub is now closed but everything will be fine on Saturday.

“Anyone who was in the pub over the weekend doesn’t need to isolate unless you show symptoms or are contacted directly by the trace group. Thanks and hope to see you soon. ”

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In addition to pubs, hairdressers, restaurants, cafes and campgrounds have also reopened after the government eased lockout restrictions to restart the nation.

However, disturbing scenes from hundreds of drinkers ignoring social distancing and street carnage over the weekend have sparked new fears of a second wave of coronavirus and local blockages.

Police had to stop fighting and face other problems while some revelers abused the “Super Saturday,” which one of the top cops said was as busy as New Years.

Staffordshire Chief Constable Gareth Morgan tweeted, “Alcohol and drink-related calls have now increased significantly in @StaffsPolice – feels like in New York – as the majority are in able to follow the rules, but a significant number cannot. .. ”

The government has warned that a spike in the Covid-19 cases could lead to more local blockages like the one currently in place in Leicester.


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