Final rules for holidays in France and announcement of an airlift with England


The British government has announced an “air bridge” between England and France that will allow quarantine for free travel between the two countries.This decision, intended to shake up the tourism industry, comes into effect on July 10 and will allow holidays in France this summer to continue.

France started a strict ban on March 17, residents being required to provide a travel permit to justify any outdoor trip.

While the lockout has been lifted almost entirely in most of France, the coronavirus epidemic remains.

Visitors will be required to comply with French health and safety regulations abroad to ensure that they are not at risk of spreading the virus.

Do I have to wear a mask?

As in England, masks are compulsory on all forms of public transport, for children 11 and over. Those who do not wear one can incur a fine of up to € 135.

In sole proprietorships such as offices and shops, it is up to the owner to decide whether or not to impose the compulsory wearing of a mask.

People enjoy outdoor drinks in the Latin Quarter of Paris in June

Most stores that require masks will likely have this sign clearly displayed outside.

In more open spaces, such as in the streets, masks are not compulsory but the government advises to wear one where it is more difficult to maintain social distance.

In parks and gardens, it is up to local authorities to report whether such a measure is required.

In restaurants and cafes, the degree of application of masks varies, but it is generally advisable to wear a mask when entering the premises, but it can be removed when seated at a table.

Tourist attractions, such as museums, have put in place a number of security measures, such as advance booking and many stipulate that visitors must wear a face covering.

Can I go to the beach?

The beaches of France are open to visitors.

Although it is not mandatory to wear a face mask on the beach, a number of social distancing measures are recommended to contain the virus.

Groups of more than 10 people are not allowed on the beach.

There will also be a limit to the total number of people who can enter the beach.

Are the bars and restaurants open?

Bars and restaurants have been given the green light to open on June 15, provided they comply with health regulations set by the government.

Customers are required to sit at tables not less than one meter apart, and no more than 10 people may sit at the same table.

The nightclubs are currently closed.

What Happens When You Go Home?

If you live in England, you will not need quarantine when you return from vacation in France.

If you live in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, the mandatory two-week quarantine will still be in place.


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