Fans spring from Disney + ‘Hamilton’ release in the midst of a pandemic


Fans spring from Disney + Hamilton’s release in the midst of a pandemic

With the raging pandemic affecting many businesses around the world, Disney + has hit the headlines after releasing Broadway’s 2016 production, “Hamilton,” a year before its previous schedule.

The film was originally scheduled to be released in October 2021 but has been reassembled due to the global crisis. It documents the entirety of the American Revolution following the trip of the founding father Alexander Hamilton.

It also offers a much clearer view of the Broadway play, with close-ups of those on stage. The “Hamilfilm”, as his fans adore, has been censored on the platform to suit children.

Barely 24 hours after its release, fans began to inundate Twitter with excited tweets containing excerpts from the play and excited comments about the production.

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