Fans reflect on Paul Staehle’s relationship with wife Karine Staehle


Sure 90 day fiancé: before 90 days, fans are first introduced to Paul Staehle and Karine Martins as a new couple getting to know each other. Over the years, fans have seen their relationships evolve, and it can sometimes be stressful to see what the couple has to go through. Read on to find out what fans have to say about their relationship.

Paul and Karine are trying to make things work

Paul et Karine Staehle | staehlekarine via Instagram

There are a lot of problems facing the couple from two very different worlds. On the one hand, there is a major language barrier, since Paul does not speak Portuguese and Karine speaks little English. They must use a translator application to communicate, and it can be interesting to watch their dialogue unfold.

Paul also doesn’t trust Karine at times based on what he has seen on social media. He even gives her a pregnancy test to prove that she is not pregnant or is not cheating on him. It is a shocking step in their relationship. Despite all this, they manage to get married and even have a child together.

Fans reflect on Paul Staehle’s relationship with wife Karine Staehle

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What do fans think of Paul and Karine’s relationship? Fans are known to discuss the relationship on social media, especially Reddit. On many Reddit topics, fans have a lot of harsh words for the couple.

A fan thinks the couple are now getting to the point where they can see themselves for who they are as individuals. The language barrier made the process much longer, as it was difficult to understand and get to know who they were.

“I think ‘Pole’ and Karine are just getting to the point where they realize who the other is as an individual now. It took about three years due to the language barrier, “said a Reddit user about the situation.

Another fan mentions how many times Paul has talked about his past relationship issues, which of course is not good to raise when you are in a new relationship.

“Has anyone else noticed how many times ‘Pole’ has said ‘I was really burned in past relationships?’ “Wrote a fan on Reddit.

A fan thinks that Karine wants the “American dream” like everyone else. “She wants a better life for her baby and family and I think she has embraced the myth of the” American dream “…” said a Reddit user.

Paul and Karine end up having a child, and fans have strong opinions about it

A fan says that it makes them “crazy” about the fact that the couple can barely communicate, but Karine asked for a child. Not to mention that they were not really in a good position when it came to finances or confidence, which makes things even more difficult with a child in the mix.

“What drives me crazy is that they can’t even speak to each other without a translator, but she yells at him for a child,” said a Reddit user. “Paul … seems to be a pretty smart guy. He should know better than thinking about a baby with his financial situation, language barrier and distance is a good idea. ”

Another fan says it is doubtful that a baby will “solve” the problems the couple is facing. This will add stress to them in an already stressful situation.

“I was literally screaming on my computer when she said that. Honestly, if you think a baby will solve your problems, then maybe you shouldn’t have one, ”said one fan.

A fan thinks that the couple should have tried to have a puppy before having a child together. “This is where they should have found a puppy to see if they could handle this,” said one fan.

The fans have a lot of strong opinions on the relationship of Paul and Karine.


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