Fabinho’s story suggests that Liverpool will gain new momentum in the midfield


Liverpool had four goals for Crystal Palace last week to bring them to 102 in all competitions this season.Opta noted that they crossed the century mark for the third consecutive season, achieving this feat for the first time since 1986/87.

The sensational scoring records of the club’s top three players obviously play a huge role in this. Roberto Firmino, Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah collectively contributed exactly half of the champion’s total goals in 2019/20.

Add the 15 goals they helped for the rest of the team, and two-thirds of Liverpool’s goals had some contribution from the attacking line.

The other main creative threat comes from the backs, which helped or scored 11 other goals which did not involve Firmino, Mane and Salah.

Liverpool could benefit from a larger contribution, especially when one or more of their most powerful attacking quintet is absent.

Salah and Andy Robertson both missed the recent derby at Goodison Park and – although the correlation is not automatically causal – Jurgen Klopp’s team had very few points.

With that in mind, should Fabinho offer more to attack the team? He showed against Palace that he was able to provide more than he had for the club. The Brazilian played a sublime ball thanks to Salah towards the end of the first half, and Liverpool No. 11 slipped home as everyone thought.

While not identical, it reminded Fabinho of Sadio Mane’s help in the 3-1 victory over Manchester United last season. In both cases, the former Monaco man made a good pass over the defense to keep the attacker clean.

He also scored a fabulous goal against the Eagles, which once again stirred memories of Manchester. City came to mind this time because his Wednesday goal was similar – but even better – to what he had scored against the champions who will soon be deposed in November.

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Fabinho’s efforts against Palace mean he has three goals and five assists for Liverpool as his second season with the club draws to a close.

He certainly seems able to provide more, however, and it is important to remember that much of what a player does is based on the instructions given to him by his manager. Just because Fabinho didn’t add much to the goals and the aid column doesn’t mean he can’t.

A glance his shooting plans on UnderStat provides ample evidence. The 26-year-old has only taken five shots from inside the Premier League penalty boxes with Liverpool, with his effort at the head against Newcastle in 2018, his only goal in that range.

However, he made nine shots – plus four penalties – in the opposition penalty areas in Ligue 1 in his last season with Monaco, and 12 excluding shots on goal the previous year as his team won the title. .

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It’s a similar story with the creation of chances. Fabinho has aligned 33 chances for his Liverpool teammates in the league in his two seasons with the club, but has created 36 in the 2017/18 season alone.

The level of football in France is not as high as in England, so expect its numbers to have taken a hit since arriving in Liverpool.

But his history with Monaco and his ability to show off in flash with the Reds shows that he is able to add more assists and goals to his game. Whether or not that happens is as much about tactical decisions taken by Klopp.


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