Extreme measures taken by pubs, hairdressers and restaurants to keep customers safe


Saturday marks the beginning of a “new normal”: pubs, restaurants, cinemas, hotels, tourist attractions and campsites are opening all their doors.But it could be a temporary return to normal life with one British in four nervous about a second wave of Covid-19, according to a YouGov poll

So what measures are being taken to prevent the spread of the virus? Is it always safe to get your hair cut, get a pint or watch a movie? Our team of journalists decided to find out… ..


From wobbly bangs to disastrous clipper work, we all need a good haircut.

But the meetings will now be very different with limited contact with our stylists, staggered arrival times and no magazine in sight.

A haircut will be a very different experience

East Riding’s unique lounges gave us a taste of what customers can expect in their three rooms that have already been thoroughly cleaned for their opening on Saturday.

After waiting outside their Cottingham branch in the sun, I am greeted by stylist Sharon Dalton-Windle, wearing a visor, dress and gloves, who gives me a glimpse of what to expect under new rules.

Once inside, I am brought to a chair and given a disposable robe (which is then thrown in the trash) and my own towel which I must keep with me throughout the meeting.

Separate hairdressers for color and cuts are no longer and each client will stay with the same stylist throughout their visit.

I will also be sitting at the same station throughout and when my hair is washed, I will be protected from other customers by a plexiglass section.

Touching the colored cards is a big no-no and if you want to buy hair products, they are first wiped with a disinfectant.

It’s not the same as normal, but then nothing is. But alas, I couldn’t get my hair done for real because of the strict opening rule – and I now have to join the queue with everyone. Boo!

Staff will wear PPE and clients will need to make an appointment

The bar

By the time Muswell Hill’s mossy well opens at 8 a.m. on Monday, July 6, bettors will have already lined up outside the door.

JD Wetherspoon Pub is one of thousands that will finally welcome customers this week.

And according to the firm, unlocking cannot happen soon enough for pub lovers who gag to return to their favorite drinker.

Wetherspoon spokesperson Eddie Gershon said, “We don’t have a license to sell alcohol here before 10 am, but we will open the door at 8 am and I expect to see people waiting outside.

“Bettors have been waiting a long time to get to their neighborhood, it is part of normal life for many people. Coming back through these doors will be a big boost. ”

When customers return to the large public house, which is inside a former North London teahouse, they will notice changes before they are even inside.

People can't wait for pubs to reopen
People can’t wait for pubs to reopen

The front doors have been clearly marked, so there is an entrance and an exit, and the tables have been spaced one meter more apart according to government guidelines.

There are newly installed hand sanitizer dispensers on the walls and stickers at the bar clearly indicate where guests should stand.

Anyone staying for a drink should do so from a table, which means that it is strictly forbidden to support the bar and stand between the tables.

Those who choose to queue at the bar will be asked to pay by card to minimize contact, although cash payments will still be made.

Staff will clean more regularly to reduce the risk of spreading the virus
Staff will clean more regularly to reduce the risk of spreading the virus

Around the tables and in front of the bar, there are plastic screens designed to stop the spread of droplets, and disposable paper food menus will be placed on tables for hungry punters.

However, anyone used to ordering Wetherspoon food may notice a change as soon as their table is set.

“Ketchup is different,” said Gershon. “We had to switch from bottle to bag for obvious reasons – we hope people don’t care too much. When the mossy well is full, it can hold 550 people, but this figure will be considerably lower for new tables only.

And when there is no more room, a one-on-one queue will be operated at the door by a staff member with a counter.

As for who applies the rules of social distancing indoors, Wetherspoon trusts its loyal customers to follow the rules and drink responsibly.

Customers can order with the Wetherspoons app without having to go to the bar
Customers can order with the Wetherspoons app without having to go to the bar

Gershon said, “The idea is to create a drinking environment in which the public will recognize and feel comfortable.

“We will not monitor the toilets and we will not let the staff walk around with a measuring tape, we have signs with very clear instructions and our staff will be on hand to answer any questions.

“What people will find when they return to their local Wetherspoon spoon is that the atmosphere is always as good and the beer still tastes good.

“This is what they were waiting for and we are delighted to be able to offer this service to people again. “

The family attraction

The children have been gone since March and the exasperated parents have yet to face the official summer vacation.

Families everywhere will breathe a sigh of relief when they learn that tourist attractions should reopen.

Sea Life is a holiday favorite and will be one of the first places to reopen on Saturday.

The aquarium, which has 12 locations across the UK, will limit the number of guests, who must reserve in advance.

At Manchester Sea Life at the Trafford Center, manager Stuart Jarman said he would respect the two-meter social distance rules for safety.

Family attractions will reopen with strict social distancing
Family attractions will reopen with strict social distancing

He said: “Normally on a busy day we expect about 2,300 people, but when we open we will limit it to 300.

“Everyone will have to book in advance and we stagger the arrivals to 15 people every 15 minutes to ensure the flow. ”

The temperature of the guests will be taken on arrival, hand sanitizers have been placed in the aquarium and floor markings have been placed to ensure the groups keep their distance.

He said Sea Life centers have opened in other countries, so many of the measures they introduce have been tried and tested.

“We are looking forward to getting people back and we will continue to review things to make sure everyone is safe.

“The staff will wear face masks, but we are not asking guests to do so. We will also ask people not to touch the glass and the area will be sprayed and cleaned regularly. “

The movie theater

There is no such thing as a trip to the movies and the Odeon cinemas are already taking reservations for movies.

The firm will open 10 of its sites on Saturday, including sites in Manchester, Birmingham, Epsom, Norwich, Milton Keynes, Bournemouth and Durham, with the remainder scheduled to continue on schedule by July 16.

Some cinemas open on Saturday
Some cinemas open their doors on Saturday

Tired families of Zoom meetings, virtual quizzes and endless remote control scrolling can finally take movies on the big screen such as 1917, Sonic the Hedgehog and Onwards and old remastered movies like Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

There will be a limited number of seats with unoccupied chairs between guests, staggered show times to reduce the number of fireplaces, and newly maintained air conditioning to circulate fresh air.

Staff will wear visors and gloves and have been trained to regularly clean surfaces while moviegoers will be offered free disinfectant gels and wipes.

Pick n Mix will unfortunately be a thing of the past, but Odeon has introduced a new line of “Grab & Go” prepackaged foods that include a bottled drink, Butterkist popcorn and a bag of candy.


Disposable menus and apps will be on the menu when you eat out.

We visited a Prezzo branch in Bath, Somerset to find out what the experience will look like when the restrictions are relaxed.

There are hand sanitizers strewn around the restaurant and you are reminded to wash your hands as soon as you arrive.

The menus will be disposable in the new normal
The menus will be disposable in the new normal

Tables are free of any decor and condiments and cutlery have also been removed.

You have two choices to order – an app that you download or “in person” which involves choosing your meal from a disposable menu.

Each table is assigned a server to reduce contact with the various waiting staff members and when food arrives it will be placed on a “landing point” to minimize the areas staff touch on the table.

With regard to payment, you can settle the invoice via your application or on a contactless card machine.

A distanced but delicious meal – the new standard.

What we still miss

As the country returns to normal, there are still things we will miss.

Nightclubs and casinos remain closed, as well as bowling alleys and indoor ice rinks.

Swimming pools and water parks are also closed by law, although you can swim outdoors in places like London’s Royal Wharves, and indoor play areas for children will also need to keep the shutters closed.

Around the world, nail bars, beauty salons and spas are also prohibited further afield.


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