Ex-Barclays Banker’s Sexist Comments On Amanda Staveley Posted | Business


A senior city banker questioned whether businesswoman Amanda Staveley was sleeping with Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed al-Nahyan of Abu Dhabi, calling her “thick as crap” and commenting on the size of her breasts, after participating in talks to save Barclays from an audience. rescue in 2008.Stephen Jones’ comments were detailed in telephone transcripts released by the High Court on Thursday and were recorded when he worked in the bank’s investment banking division. Last month, he resigned as managing director of banking lobby group UK Finance, just weeks before the comments came to light in Staveley’s lawsuit over the terms of the fundraising deal. emergency fund.

In telephone transcripts from October 2008, Jones describes Staveley in a conversation with his colleague at Barclays, Stephen Morse.

“She was Prince Andrew’s girlfriend,” Jones says. “And I believe that in this context, she got closer to a few sheikhs and she was doing her role of business ambassador.”

Jones, who tells Morse that he met Staveley a few days earlier, adds: “She was fine but clearly someone who [Sheikh] Mansour trusts and uses like, you know, her face with the outside world… Whether she sleeps with him or not, I couldn’t tell you. I doubt it to be honest but anyway… she looks fine.


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