‘Everything has to be planned’: Mikel Arteta says Arsenal has no margin for error in the market


‘Everything has to be planned’: Mikel Arteta warns Arsenal have ‘no margin for error’ in transfer market this summer as they begin rebuilding

  • Highest Arsenal can finish in Premier League this season is eighth
  • It will be their lowest ranking since 1995 and a fourth in a row outside the top four
  • They could also miss Europe, further worsening their financial situation

Mikel Arteta has said Arsenal have no ‘margin for error’ this summer as they try to recover as one of the Premier League’s best sides.

The Gunners will end their high-profile campaign against Watford on Sunday knowing the best they can achieve is an eight-place finish.

It will be their lowest league standings in 25 years and the fourth straight season in which they have failed to make the top four.

Mikel Arteta warned Arsenal had no ‘margin for error’ in the market this summer

A defeat in the FA Cup final will mean a qualifying failure for Europe, resulting in further loss of income on top of their huge payroll and the crippling financial effect of the coronavirus pandemic.

And Arteta admits there is no room for mistakes in the transfer market.

“We know that we have no margin for error and that everything has to be planned,” said the Spaniard.

“I have to say I am very confident in the way the owners and the board are approaching this crucial time for us. With a great process to take the team to the next level very quickly. Once we know a little more and have more information about where we are, it will be easier to make those decisions.

Arteta thinks he can make the Gunners a top team but admits it might take time

Arteta thinks he can make the Gunners a top team but admits it might take time

“I came here and knew the challenge. I’m so confident we’re going to get it right, but we need a little time. Fans when they get nervous, that’s okay. For me, it’s not that they get nervous, it’s frustration. This club and its history are there.

“People bring this badge back with success, with joy, with trophies and with emotions. We cannot change that and we must not try to change it. Because it makes us great and we just have to think like that.

“For me, it’s the only way to think about this club and its future. If we’re all in one place we will, but we have to do it and then pass it on to the players, to each staff member and then to the fans. If we do this and are together with this mindset, we will.


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