Everton faces clear transfer goal after shocking statistic released – Michael Ball


Tim Cahill was right. It will be very difficult – and time consuming – for Carlo Ancelotti to rebuild in Everton.This season has been very disappointing and it has not worked with the team we have. But we are still rebuilding and the Premier League is very strange.

Many teams this summer will all rebuild; Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham. This shows the quality and the league does not lie. All these teams will rebuild and ours will be a major reconstruction.

We know we can’t tempt the big names we all want, but we have to find those 21, 22 year olds who want to have a chance to grow but are hard to find.

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It sounds like the only avenue we can take and it’s up to Marcel Brands and Carlo Ancelotti to find these players and mix them with experienced professionals. We have to trust young people and let them adapt to the Premier League.

It will be a very difficult job but is that not the reason why we brought Ancelotti as manager? Isn’t that why we used brands to find these players? This is what supporters want and what they are there to do.

It’s been frustrating since the arrival of Farhad Moshiri because the players have not paid back the faith. Many have dropped us since their arrival in Everton.

We want them to be hungry and earn silverware and consistency has been the biggest downfall. We did some good performances, we got excited, and then we threw everything away. We have to find the players to do it on a consistent basis.

Where are our leaders?

Everton dropped the manager on Monday. It was so frustrating to watch.

Yes, Tottenham Hotspur have good players but they had a poor result against Sheffield United and their heads were lowered. We let them dictate the pace of the game and do whatever they want.

The midfielder? Sigurdsson was highlighted by Gary Neville and this attitude then occurs throughout the team. There was a shocking statistic that he never tackled. This set the pace for the whole game.

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Where are our leaders? Who wants to get the game by the neck?

Anyone of any skill level could have played this game for us. They just ran it over the back and we weren’t even trying to break their lines.

We’ve touched the balls six times in their penalty area and that only shows you. Even our set kicks were weak. You just want someone to roll up their sleeves and change the tempo a little.

Andre Gomes and Bernard were giving silly free kicks in the silly areas of the field and you just don’t need to do it. This gave Tottenham the chance to calm down and start dictating again. We have just fallen into their trap and we have been doing it for many years.

Is it a descent after locking? Has the adrenaline gone? Has the energy and sharpness gone? Because 90 minutes were missing in London.


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