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Leading Belgian MEP Phillipe Lamberts has launched a scathing explosion against the seven countries he says are ruining the EU from within. The leader of the Greens in the European Parliament named and humiliated the so-called “frugal” – the Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Finland and Denmark – as well as the “pseudo-democrats” – Hungary and Poland. He claimed their tactics in talks over the European Union recovery fund last weekend resembled those of the British Conservative Party ahead of the Brexit referendum.

Mr Lamberts said: “They like to call themselves the thrifters, but I prefer to call them the miser.“For them, the EU is simply a money pump in which their countries pay too much.

“But they should remind their citizens how much they have benefited from joining the EU.

“They want to keep the cake without paying a fair price.

“Through their speeches and actions, they are reducing the EU to a mere financial abyss, to a new USSR.” »

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He continued: “Day after day they poison their citizens with nationalism and pit European citizens against each other.

“The British Tories have done the same and we know where it ended today.

“We must not turn our backs on this. We must stand side by side and ensure that a life of dignity is established for all of our citizens. ”

Mr Lamberts called the decision to cut back on health research and the European Green Deal particularly catastrophic.

Speaking to the European Parliament on Thursday, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said she was aware that the multi-annual financial framework approved by the Council would be “a hard pill to swallow”.

However, she called on MEPs not to waste time ratifying the deal reached earlier this week.

EPP leader Manfred Weber blasted the Commission President’s remark and warned that the deal will be very different after Parliament’s scrutiny ends.

European Parliament President David Sassoli echoed this yesterday, saying the European Parliament will make “some corrections” to the budget during the plenary session scheduled for Thursday.


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