Estate agents banned from saying “master bedroom” due to concerns over links between slavery and sexism


Real estate agents across the UK prohibit the use of the term master bedroom because of its links to slavery and sexism.

Agents will instead replace the term with a “master” or “master” room, reports the Times.

Peter Wetherell, executive chairman of Wetherell at Mayfair, said the company was removing the term master bedroom from all of its listings in order to appeal to more conscious buyers of the company.

He told The Times, “These changes are driven by political correctness and dramatic shifts in the demographics of buyers in central London.

“Typical buyers are now in their mid-20s and around the world.

Real estate agents change the term of master bedroom for more inclusive conditions (PA)

“This young demographic tends to be very large and to find any form of racism or sexism deeply offensive. ”

The changes came when the death of George Floyd prompted Black Lives Matter to demonstrate worldwide against police brutality and racism.

Jeremy Gee, general manager of Beauchamp Estates at Mayfair, said his company would replace the term master bedroom with “main”

“In a typical week, we sell to a British couple one day, to a family in Saudi Arabia, Nigeria or Hong Kong another day and to a same-sex couple from Great Britain, France or America another day, “said Mr. Gee.

“We always try to use neutral and non-offensive marketing terms. Using “his” and “his” bathroom would be incorrect if we market a same-sex couple, for example. ”

Marc von Grundherr, director of real estate agencies Benham and Reeves in London, echoed Mr. Gee’s comments on selling to international customers.

He said: “We are used to managing sensitivities regarding different races and cultures. The word master has historically racist undertones.

“If it offended a buyer, seller or tenant, we would not hesitate to modify our advertising material to remove it.

“This is something we plan to do to prevent such offenses.”

In the United States, real estate agents are also choosing to abandon the term master bedroom in favor of more inclusive terminology.

The Association of Houston Real Estate Agents (HAR) said it would no longer use the term “master” because some of its members considered the term racist and sexist.

In a statement to CBS News, HAR said, “The dominant message was that some members were concerned about how the terms could be perceived by certain other agents and consumers.

“Based on the discussion that took place, more members viewed the terms as sexist than racist, although some considered them to be racist. ”

According to HAR, the term master does not violate fair housing laws and therefore will not prohibit real estate agents from using the term and it can still be used in marketing and photo descriptions.

“The origin of the terms is debated, and we are not saying that they are rooted in slavery,” said HAR.

“Others did not personally view them as sexist or racist, but believed that we should change the conditions of anyone else who might find them objectionable.

“The consensus was that the primary describes the rooms as well as the teacher while avoiding any possible false perception. “

Earlier this week, Twitter revealed that it was removing a selection of non-inclusive terms from its coding programs.

Terms such as master, slave, white list and acquired rights will be exchanged for more inclusive terminology.

The American bank JP Morgan, the software developer Github, the LinkedIn divisions and Google Chromium are among the big companies that are also trying to update the language they use.


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