ESPN ranks Michael Thomas as one of the best receivers in the NFL, but not # 1


Michael Thomas, former Ohio State receiver and current New Orleans Saints, has gone on to become one of the NFL’s top superstars. It’s an easy argument to make that he made more in his first five years in the league than any human wide receiver has done in the history of American football’s top league.So it’s no surprise that he has one of the five coveted 99 notes in the recently released Madden NFL 21 notes, because he’s so good. However, there are still those who believe he is not the NFL’s No.1 receiver, and one of them is apparently ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler.

ESPN managed a few assists to place in the top 10 at every position in the NFL and turned its eyes to the wide receivers (subscription required) last week. And although Thomas was very high up there, he wasn’t considered the best.

So what does Fowler say about Thomas? Why does he not consider him the best receiver in the world?


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