EPSTEIN: Prince Andrew must have been dismissed in 2011


Prince Andrew managers must have told the Queen to put the Buckingham Palace bad boy on the ice when the first indication of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal was about to explode.

A new book has said much damage done to the monarchy could have been avoided if royal courtiers had progressed faster.

Author Nigel Cawthorne argued in his bookPrince Andrew: Epstein and the Palacethat the “wades” the prince must have been put on the ice years earlier.

Andrew was drawn to the sordid world of his old pal Epstein – who died mysteriously in his New York prison cell last summer, while awaiting sex charges of human trafficking – and one of the shady financial slaves Sexual claims that she had the sex of minors with the prince three times.

In Andrew’s now famous photo of Epstein, allegedly “pimp” Ghislaine Maxwell and schoolgirl Virginia Roberts, the prince has his arm around the girl’s waist. Maxwell has refused to do anything wrong and is currently in hiding.

From left to right, Prince Andrew, Virginia Roberts and socialite Ghislaine Maxwell.



The photo was taken just three months after the Epstein virus had been released from prison on the Juvenile Sex Conviction. Cawthorne believes Andrew should have resigned afterwards.

“The [Epstein] the case dragged on from the photo with Andrew first, which appeared in 2011, and appeared to find no conclusion, ”the author writes. “There was growing anger at Andrew among the courtiers. In truth, it had been their job to guard the Crown from the nature of the turbulence it was. ”

He added: “A sabbatical from royal engagements in 2011 would have caught the prince out of the public eye. Instead, the court let the headlines rot for the Queen and only acted after the Newsnight Prince of the breakup. If someone apologized to the victims and the Queen was late it was theirs [the courtiers]. ”

US prosecutors still want to interview the irritated Prince Epstein, but the Royal refuses and claims, the US authorities have broken the privacy rules and told me “full is found.”

Andrew has long denied any wrongdoing and claims that he never remembers the Roberts meeting.


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