England v West Indies: third test, day five – live! | sport


Michael Atherton reports a strong westerly wind and possible showers on the radar this morning – for which Dom Smith is proposing a solution.“To get around the weather problem and see that everything changes from day to day, how about playing all the tests at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff with the roof closed. They might have a drop strip down the center and the short boundaries (i.e. sidelines) would be the same for both teams.

“Any conditions for achieving authenticity could be replicated, like sprinklers to mimic rain and some sort of heater on the top of the strip to mimic the scorching sun baking the land.

Hurry, call ECB Towers!

“Just related to your last update,” writes Jason Moran. ” I was under the impression, from what I heard on the radio previously, that all media and broadcasters were staying at the hotel in Old Trafford. This is not the case? “

“I know Jonathan Agnew told the story of a newly married couple, he works for the BBC, she works for Sky and they stay in the same hotel but in their collective media protection bubbles, so they can’t greet each other that from a distance. “

Ah, my pain. I think all the broadcasters are at Old Trafford Hilton, although I think print media can stay out of the bubble. I’m actually in my room a few miles from the ground.


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