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Let’s come back to this beef. “At some point in the future,” Starbuck believes, “we’ll come back to that moment and ask what was going on there when IT Botham was knighted. This suggests that the coronavirus pandemic will not be the only marker of the bad old days.







An opinion on Lord Beefy comes from Phil Withall. “Not too impressed with the fact that IT Botham is getting a peerage,” he mutters. “RGD Willis played a much bigger role in the 81st win.” Discuss! “In fact, without the fact that Botham played football for Scunthorpe and was slightly fun on a speaking tour with Viv Richards in the mid to late ’90s, I would dismiss him from my athletic memory. ” Really? “He turned from an affable eccentric into a hyperbolic Farage at low cost. Which is, I guess, how you get a peerage these days.


Statistics of the day so far comes from Nasser Hussain, who knows a bit about stick ugliness. “England have played 87 times and missed this round,” he said. “And 38 times, they passed him. These false shots, or aerial shots, represented 13% of the deliveries received. “One in seven or eight! Said Nasser’s inner nerd. In other words, they were very lucky. This total of 469 could easily have been 200 others.


“It’s a good job,” Says Peter Metcalfe, “The slow scoring hero Sibley didn’t get an unbeaten double ton. Sir Geoffrey did this in 1967 and was quickly dropped, to the eternal shame of the breeders. He then scored a double cent for Yorkshire, adding: “I have no more comment.” I still haven’t recovered. I’m not old enough to remember it, but when I heard about it I thought, what the bravery of the selectors. Different shots for different people! And no hits at all for some.


If you join us for the start, I’m afraid it has been delayed. The covers are on, regular rain falls and Manchester makes a Manchester. The most realistic hope seems to be that the players are turned on and off during the evening session.



An email! From Andrew Brooks, who developed what Beefy should be called as he prepares to put on an ermine. “Lord Botham Wicket-Taker,” he said, “for short LBW”.


The big topic of discussion yesterday was Dom Sibley’s tempo, as he compiled the slowest seventh cent for England in 143 years of testing. Was his stubbornness exactly what the doctor ordered him to do, or was he too unmoved, given the need to win and the weather forecast? In today’s Guardian, there is a beautiful play about Sibley by Andy Bull. In a perfect world, you would go out and buy the paper – the superb Saturday package risks being dismantled by the cold wind of the coronavirus economy. But if you prefer to read it online, it’s here. And if you just want to taste, try this: “In one run, Sibley has faced more deliveries than five of his recent predecessors have done in their entire careers as opening drummers. “



Lord Beefy?




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