End of the EU! Richard Tice names three European states he says will leave the bloc | Politics | News


The former MEP insisted that the EU is terrified. Brexit will be a success. Tice highlighted Italy, Ireland and Poland as other possible countries that could follow the UK, but added that there could be “a few surprises”.

The businessman said: “The EU has always feared that we would succeed in Brexit.“We will succeed in Brexit, I have no doubt.

“In a sense, the Covid tragedy highlights the vital benefit of Brexit as an independent nation, we can make our own decisions based on our own needs.

“There is no doubt that the EU has been taken to a cruelly insufficient level in its response to the crisis.

“So yes, I think the prospect when other nations over the next two years will see the UK survive and hopefully thrive, so yes, I think other nations may well be watching us and l ‘Italy is a serious example.

“I think Italy is obvious, but there may be surprises.

“Some of the eastern European states, Poland is an interesting example, don’t write off Ireland. ”

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“He knows that the Labor Party has completely misjudged the opinions of its traditional Labor and socially conservative voters, they were very wrong.

“I really don’t think it’s likely at all over the next decade.

“There are more chances that other countries will leave, there is more chance that the euro zone will fall apart frankly. ”

It comes after arch-resident Anne Soubry insisted that the UK would return to the EU in just 10 years.

Brexit officially took place on January 31 and the UK is in a transition period with the EU until the end of the year.

EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier traveled to London this week for “informal” talks with Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s European adviser David Frost as the two sides try to negotiate a post-deal -Brexit.

But Barnier said “significant differences remain” between Britain and the EU.

Frost will travel to Brussels next week for further talks before the resumption of official negotiations in London.


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