Emmerdale confirms Moira’s culprit in fear of death – and it’s not Malone


Emmerdale spoilers have revealed the real pilot involved in Moira Dingle’s hit and run.The character will have to fight for his life in the hospital in the scenes to come, with his loved ones and the former Cain Dingle gathering around his bedside.

Little has been revealed about the twist recently, other than that Moira was knocked down and left for dead.

Suspicions immediately fell on corrupt officer DI Malone who is threatening the character this week.

Moira had ruminated on her affair with the vicar of the village Harriet Finch, without knowing whether she was going to overturn the beans.

Emmerdale reveals who crashed Moira Dingle – and it’s not DI Malone

Also aware of Cain’s shady dealings with Malone, the corrupt officer wasted no time in warning him.

Shortly thereafter, Moira was struck by a car and left unconscious and in poor health.

Next week, the character remains in a coma amid fears of his death.

Moira Dingle of Emmerdale fights for her life

But Malone stayed to protest her innocence when Harriet immediately feared the worst.

After trying to prevent Moira from saying everything, she is convinced that Malone tried to silence her for good.

However, it is quickly confirmed to viewers that he is not the driver after all – and the real culprit is someone unexpected.

Jamie Tate was shocked after admitting to his ex-wife Andrea that he had struck something with his car before leaving.

Andrea claims that it must have been an animal, to soon learn of the Moira accident.

It becomes clear that a guilty Jamie was the driver and that he may have killed Moira.

Jamie Tate turns out to be the culprit

But will she wake up or Jamie could become a killer?

Fans who want to know if Andrea will keep Jamie’s secret or use it to his advantage will have to log in next week.

Emmerdale broadcasts Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7 p.m. on ITV.


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