Emiliano Martinez, of Arsenal, reveals confusion in post office led to first name Damian being registered


Arsenal goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez reveals how post office confusion led to his first name being registered as Damian … but he insists on being called Emi as he hopes to guide the Gunners to glory of the FA Cup against Chelsea.

  • Emiliano Martinez’s name is actually registered as Damian Emiliano Martinez
  • Damian was supposed to be his middle name before a confusion at the post office
  • Damian was the name of his grandfather who died before he was born

Emiliano Martinez has revealed the true story of his real name.

Official documents indicate that the Arsenal keeper’s first name is Damian rather than Emiliano.

And he explained: “My name was actually going to be Emiliano Damian on my Argentinian ID card, but when my mother went to the post office to do it, I don’t know where she did it, she was waiting for hours and hours in the queue. and when they did, they put Damian Emiliano first.

Arsenal goalkeeper official first name Emiliano Martinez was mistakenly named Damian due to confusion in the post office when his mother recorded his name

“To do it again, she would have to wait two, three hours, so she said, ‘It’s okay, do it like that, we’ll call her Emi anyway. “

“So my name was always going to be Emiliano Damian, but obviously when I signed here everyone always called me Damian because that was my first name.

“It was a little confusing but now everyone calls me Emi.

Arsenal keeper is likely to feature as he trains ahead of the FA Cup final on Saturday

Arsenal keeper is likely to feature as he trains ahead of the FA Cup final on Saturday

“Damian was my grandfather’s middle name. My mom [originally] I just wanted two names – Emiliano Martinez – but because my grandfather passed away before I was born she wanted to put Damian between the two names to have my grandfather’s name, nothing else.

He also confirmed that his insistence on Emiliano had nothing to do with taking Mickey while he was at Arsenal academy to have a name similar to a fictional character called Damien, who is the son of the devil. in the movie The Omen.

“No, no, that’s not true,” Martinez clarified. “Not true at all.


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