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Mr Musk caused a storm on Twitter when he posted last week: “Pronouns suck” Grimes, who has a child with the CEO of Tesla, and replied to a since-deleted tweet that read: “I t ‘love but please turn off your phone or give me a call [sic]. “I can’t stand the hate. Please stop this. I know it’s not your heart.

The significance of Mr. Musk’s tweet is not known, but he had previously tweeted: “Twitter sucks. “At the time of writing this original tweet, his previous tweet was still public.

Elon Musk has also sparked controversy in recent weeks by endorsing support for Kanye West’s presidential campaign.

However, a few weeks later, he appeared to have changed his mind as the CEO appeared to go back after the rapper’s interview with Forbes.

In the interview, West said he was “pro-life” and claimed vaccinations were “the mark of the beast”.

Mr Musk said: “We may have more differences of opinion than I anticipated.”

The couple also announced the birth of their child, X AE A-XII, in May this year.

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Grimes also made it clear that they weren’t going to ‘gender’ them in case that’s not how the child identifies.

She said, “And I don’t want sex in case that isn’t what they feel in their life.”

“I don’t know, I just feel like it doesn’t need to be known. “

Grimes has also seen recent success with his latest album, Miss Anthropocene, which was released in February as critics responded positively.

The 49-year-old SpaceX CEO admitted that when it comes to caring for their two-month-old baby, Grimes “has a much bigger role than [him] now. ”

Elon Musk said, “Well babies just eat and poo, you know? At the moment there is not much I can do.

He added: “When the child gets old, there will be more role for me.”

He also noted that he intended to use the relationships he formed with his five oldest sons as a guide on how to bond with the newborn later.

The newborn baby he and Grimes nicknamed “X”.

Musk said, “I’m just thinking about doing what I’ve been doing with my other kids. “


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