Elon Musk no longer supports Kanye West’s presidential race


After Kanye West announced his presidential candidacy last week and his jaws were dropped, the first endorsement he received was from Elon Musk.

However, things now seem bleak for the rapper, as the only public approval he has received outside of his wife seems to have receded.

In an explosive interview with Forbes, West exposed many of his disputed beliefs, including the fact that he believes vaccines are “the mark of the beast.”

Now a Twitter user asked the tech tycoon a question, saying, “Cmon Elon – you’re too smart for that. [expletive].  »

Responding to this in a now deleted tweet, Musk seemed to have gone back on his previous praise for the rapper.

“We may have more differences of opinion than I had anticipated,” said Musk.

Earlier, Musk responded to West’s announcement of his presidential candidacy: “You have my full support! ”

West sent shockwaves on July 4 when he announced that he would run in the 2020 presidential election on November 3.

“We must now fulfill America’s promise by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I run for president of the United States, ”he tweeted.

It was not immediately clear whether West seriously wanted to run for president four months before the election or whether he had filed official documents to appear on state ballots.

The deadline for adding independent candidates to the poll has not yet passed in many states.

West and his equally famous wife Kim Kardashian West visited Trump at the White House.

In November of last year, he alluded to his political inclinations when he started his speech at the Fast Company Innovation Festival, saying: “When I run for president in 2024”, which made the crowd laugh.

“What are you all laughing at?” We would create so many jobs! I will not run, I will walk. When you see headlines saying Kanye is crazy – one in three African-Americans is in jail and all the celebrities are also in jail because they can’t say anything, they have no opinion, they have so much fear! “, He had added.


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