Elizabeth Potthast’s Family Tells Andrei About His Secret Past, Believes He’s Hiding Something In New ‘Lucky Forever’ Glimpse


Elizabeth Potthast Castravet’s family never got along with her Moldovan husband, Andrei Castravet.

Elizabeth’s father, Chuck Potthast, as well as her siblings – including her brother, Charlie Potthast – have consistently accused Andrei of being lazy, controlling and even dishonest. When the 90 day fiancé The stars traveled to Andrei’s home country for their second marriage in Moldova, things between Andrei and his in-laws seemed to get even more tense than ever.

In a new preview of an upcoming episode of TLC 90 Day Fiancé: Happy Forever, Chuck and Charlie landed in Chisinau and immediately began questioning Andrei about his past. Andrei’s elusive responses about her past job as a police officer and her sudden move to Ireland made Elizabeth’s father and brother wonder what she had gotten into.

Andrei Castravet, Elizabeth Potthast Castravet and baby Eleanor | Elizabeth Potthast Castravet on Instagram

Charlie and Chuck wanted to take the trip to Moldova to learn more about Andrei

in the 90 day fiancé glimpse, Elizabeth and Andrei had very different reactions to the imminent arrival of her brother and father at the airport.

Elizabeth was delighted that her family was attending her second wedding. But Andrei has made it clear that he won’t go to much effort to make his in-laws feel welcome.

“My relationship with Elizabeth’s family is strictly because I have her as a wife”, 90 day fiancé star told TLC producers bluntly. “Honestly, if I wasn’t with her in a relationship, I probably wouldn’t have friends with any of them.

As for Chuck and Charlie, they had their own motives for coming to Andrei’s home country. Elizabeth’s father and brother told producers they wanted to dig a little deeper into Andrei’s past.

“Before Libby started talking to Andrei, we had never even heard of Moldova,” Elizabeth’s brother explained. “So we really want to know more about him, his family, his culture, his past, the place where he grew up.

Andrei and Elizabeth met online and “moved really fast,” Charlie added, which left his family a little suspicious. “There are still a lot of question marks about who he is,” Charlie said of Andrei.

Chuck agreed, saying 90 day fiancé producers, “It’s going to be really cool to see how he acts in his own environment. “

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Andrei explained that he left his detective work to move to Ireland

Elizabeth’s family members were quick to investigate Andrei’s story. On the way to the hotel from the airport, Chuck and Charlie began to grill Elizabeth’s husband over his former job as a police officer in Moldova.

“I wasn’t patrolling,” Andrei explained. “I was in the office. Like a detective.

“Were you a detective in Moldova?” Chuck asked incredulously, his eyes narrowing in suspicion. After working as a detective in his home country for several years, Andrei moved to Ireland and worked in bars as a bouncer. Elizabeth’s dad saw this as a downgrade in her son-in-law’s career, which made him wonder if there was another reason Andrei had made a sudden career change.

Andrei said 90 day fiancé producers whom he left Moldova because the working conditions in his employ were poor. “Before leaving for Ireland, I worked as a police officer. This life was pretty hard. It was stressful, ”he explained. “The working conditions were not up to the standards that there should be. They treated people badly, that’s why I left. Then I moved to Ireland and worked as a bouncer.

But he didn’t have the same explanation for his in-laws. “Hey… just a stage in life, you know?” Andrei vaguely answered Chuck and Charlie’s questions about his move to Ireland.

Charlie laughed, “That didn’t sound too convincing. ”

Elizabeth’s father and brother wondered aloud why Andrei would leave a country where he had lived all his life to settle in Ireland. After all, they speculated, he left his family and friends behind for the move.

Clearly unhappy with the line of questions, Andrei gave another vague explanation, saying he “just needed a few changes” in his life at the time. Then the 90 day fiancé star added, “Well I had some problems. ”

“Are you in trouble?” Charlie wanted to know. “Yeah, something like that,” Andrei smirked, apparently enjoying his brother-in-law’s discomfort.

But Andrei didn’t hesitate to say that he was no longer going to answer an indiscreet question about his past. When Charlie asked what kind of problems he had faced in Moldova, Andrei replied harshly: “You don’t need to know that this is it.

Elizabeth’s family thought Andrei’s story was shady

Chuck and Charlie continued to pressure Andrei to ‘spill the beans’ on his past, especially because Andrei and Elizabeth were already married (and little Eleanor’s parents) and he was now a member. of the family. But Elizabeth’s husband refused, informing them that her brother wasn’t about to tell them anything, no matter what they asked.

Elizabeth’s father seemed more than a little pissed off by his son-in-law’s vague answers about his past. “You know, maybe I’m the overprotective dad,” Chuck said. 90 day fiancé producers. “But what I found a little strange was why he would leave a great career and move to a foreign country. There are a lot of red flags there.

As for Elizabeth, she did not understand why her family was already questioning her husband right after his arrival in Moldova. But she also didn’t understand why Andrei refused to answer simple questions about her past.

“Andrei told me he moved to Ireland because his cousin had a job for him there”, 90 day fiancé said the star. “I don’t know why he’s so evasive about it, but they really have to answer all of their questions because it’s not a good way to start the night.

Despite his daughter’s obvious unease, Chuck vowed to find out the truth about Andrei’s life before his trip to Moldova was over. “It seems really strange that Andrei is uncomfortable with asking us about her past,” Elizabeth’s father said worryingly. “He’s starting to make me believe there is more than just quitting a job.”


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