Egypt TikTok: influencers jailed for “indecent” videos


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An Egyptian court sentenced five young women to two years in prison for posting “indecent videos” on the TikTok video-sharing app.

The women – not all of whom were named – were fined almost $ 19,000 (£ 15,000).

The prison sentences are the first to be handed down by a court in a campaign by authorities against social media influencers.

Activists mounted an online campaign in response, demanding the release of those detained.

“The Cairo Economic Court sentenced Mawada al-Adham and Haneen Hossam and three others to two years in prison and fined them 300,000 Egyptian pounds each,” the public website al-Ahram reported.

“They are accused of violating the values ​​and principles of Egyptian society and of posting indecent photos and videos disturbing public morals,” al-Ahram added.

The three unnamed women were also accused of participating in inappropriate video calls with men.

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This is the first court conviction against influential social media women in Egypt after a series of recent arrests, most of them targeting popular women on TikTok.

Hossam was arrested in April after posting a three-minute clip telling 1.3 million subscribers girls could make money working with her, AFP news agency reports.

Adham was arrested in May after posting satirical videos on TikTok and Instagram, where she has at least 2 million subscribers.

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They have been accused of inciting “debauchery” and “immorality” with the content they post on the video-sharing platform, although it is not always clear which videos and photos are of concern. the authorities, according to correspondents.

In Egyptian law, the charge of “inciting debauchery” is used against a series of offenses.

The prosecution often determines the accusation as being “contrary to the traditions and morals of Egyptian society”.

TikTok’s popularity in Egypt has exploded in recent months, especially following government restrictions on movement to curb the spread of Covid-19, reports show.


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