Egypt announces joint naval training with France in fake photo


The Egyptian army said on Saturday it had conducted joint maritime training with France, based on an old photo.Egyptian army spokesman Tamer al-Refai said in a statement on Facebook that the training was attended by the Egyptian navy stealth frigate “Tahya Masr” and the French navy stealth frigate “Aconit” .

However, in the photo attached to the official training announcement, the frigate with the Egyptian flag was later added to the photo along with the French frigate Aconit.

As a result, the original of the photo can be viewed on the official US Navy website and is dated September 19, 2013.

The US Navy described the image as: “A US Navy Sikorsky MH-60R Sea Hawk helicopter from Maritime Attack Helicopter Squadron (HMS) 74” Swampfoxes “assigned to the guided-missile destroyer USS Gravely (DDG-107) prepares to land on the flight deck of the French frigate Aconit (F 713) during an overtaking exercise in the Mediterranean Sea.

An Egyptian frigate, however, is not in the photo.

The announcement stated that the training was aimed at establishing “stability and peace in the Eastern Mediterranean, sharing of experiences and supporting maritime security efforts”.

Egypt sides with France in disputes over the Eastern Mediterranean and supports coup leader General Khalifa Haftar in Libya, a warlord aiming to overthrow the country’s official government established by the UN and recognized internationally.


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