Egg sandwich breakfast has gone viral and people can’t wait to try it


When it comes to a cooked breakfast, eggs generally play a key role when we reconstitute a fry.Options for the versatile ingredient include scrambled, fried, boiled or poached – making it the ultimate breakfast food.

But it turns out there may be a better way to cook them after a simple pan-fried egg recipe goes viral online, as Belfast Live reported.

The savory dish puts an innovative twist on an egg sandwich and can easily be improved by adding additional ingredients, including cheese and bacon.

Bread is in the pan while the eggs are baking underneath

The feel of social media was tested by TikTok user @Ivycher who explained that it starts by breaking two eggs in a bowl and seasoning them with salt and pepper before beating the eggs with a fork.

Once the mixture is smooth, she pours it into a saucepan over the heat before dipping in two pieces of bread to coat each slice of egg on both sides.

She then leaves the pieces of bread side by side in the pan with the cooked egg underneath before turning everything over once it is ready to eat.

The end results are incredible

With the egg now on the bread, the cheese and ham are added to one side before the bread is folded to create the perfect toastie sandwich without mess.

The video had over 250,000 views and accumulated hundreds of comments as the hobby cook explained that the garnish can be easily personalized, writing in the comments: “Use chicken slices or tuna or whatever. you like instead! ”

Others were eager to try it for themselves, as one of them replied, “Brb will do this for breakfast right away!” ”

A second said, “I did this to my sister for breakfast and she really liked it. Thank you! ”

Another added, “Who needs Gordon Ramsay when you have Ivy.” “


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