Edmonton Eskimos Keep Team Name


Getty Images

The NFL franchise in Washington is under intense pressure to change its name. A Canadian Football League team has announced that it is keeping its name.

The Edmonton Eskimos will remain the Edmonton Eskimos, reports the Associated Press.

The team came to this decision after “an extensive formal research and engagement program of one year with Inuit leaders and community members across Canada”.

“The constant feedback was a desire for more engagement with the club,” the team said in a statement. “There was a range of opinions regarding the name of the club, but no consensus emerged to support a name change. The club therefore decided to keep its name. ”

The Eskimos’ research and engagement program “included meetings with Inuit and community leaders in Iqaluit, Inuvik, Yellowknife and Ottawa; and a research phase with a combination of in-depth interviews with Inuit from the North and Edmonton, and a telephone survey of a large group of Inuit across Canada. “


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