Eamonn Holmes’ message of support for Kate Garraway after near-miss car crash


Eamonn Holmes offered his opinion after Kate Garraway and her children were “shaken” by a near-miss traffic accident.GMB’s Kate was driving children Darcey, 14, and Billy, 11, when one of her tires blew up on the freeway.

She was able to maintain control, but said she couldn’t get off the freeway because there was “no hard shoulder”.

This morning’s host and Kate’s ITV base companion, Eamonn, weighed in: “Nothing is dumber than a smart highway. ”

A smart highway is a section of a highway that uses traffic management methods to increase capacity and reduce congestion, according to RAC.

This includes using the usual hard shoulder as the actual lane.

Kate and children are safe after ‘terrifying’ incident

“Exactly why I haven’t ridden it in over 5 years…” one fan agreed with Eamonn.

Kate announced that she and the kids are safe in an Instagram post and said she will notify fans behind the GMB office tomorrow morning.

She also thanked Kent Police for their quick arrival, revealing that this was the first time she had taken the kids in the car without her husband Derek Draper.

Kate shared details of her near-accident on Instagram

Eamonn weighed in on the incident

Derek is currently in intensive care following a battle with the coronavirus.

As he emerged from an induced coma in a “minimal state of consciousness,” the damage to his body from the deadly virus presented a host of new health concerns.

Kate’s rep warned he was facing a “very slow and uncertain road” to recovery.

Kate and children are “shaken but safe” after the incident

Derek remains in intensive care

Kate wrote: “Thanks to our amazing saviors Liz and Mark from @kentpoliceuk who saved me after a tire explosion on the highway !!!

Kate Garraway et Derek Draper dernier

“I’ve never had one before – absolutely terrifying.

“I managed to keep control of the car, but I couldn’t get off the freeway because no hard shoulder and when AA said they couldn’t come for an hour then rang the bell after half an hour to say it was maybe another half hour. but to call the police.

“They were so bright and got us to safety and we are now on the way back by taxi, shaken but safe, tow truck on the way to the car. This is the first time we’ve taken kids without Derek too, but we’re sfae and will keep you up to date fully on @gmb with @benshephardofficial tomorrow starting at 6am. ”


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