“Dukes Of Hazzard” car remains at Illinois Auto Museum despite display of Confederate flag – Deadline


As a wave of civic and social awareness hits the country and the statues of Confederate figures in history rock, the use of the Confederate flag is finally questioned and we are beginning to see less and less. NASCAR has banned it and Mississippi is seeking to change flags, but there is one case where the emblem – which has long been associated with racism – will remain: on a car Dukes of Hazzard in an Illinois museum.The Volo Auto Museum houses the “General Lee”, the last Dodge Charger from 1969 used during the first season of the classic television series from 1979 to 1985. The car is stamped with the Confederate flag on the roof. Located outside of Chicago, the museum said the car would remain in place despite the change in the social landscape.

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“We think the car is history and people love it,” said museum director Brian Grams to the local Crystal Lake publication. Northwest Herald. “We have people of all races and nationalities who remember the TV show and who are not at all offended. It’s a piece of history and it’s in a museum. ”

Grams said that since acquiring the car in 2005, the car has received no complaints. like many places. ”

This includes Ben Jones, who appeared in the original Dukes of Hazzard like Cooter and served in the House of Representatives. He was a staunch supporter of the Confederate flag, saying it is a symbol of the culture of the South. He applauded the news that the museum was guarding General Lee, posting on Facebook: “The Volo Museum is one of the most beautiful automobile museums in the country. Good for them !! ”

Another iteration of General Lee was acquired by professional golfer Bubba Watson, but after winning it, he removed the Confederate flags from the car.

Grams adds that they would not remove General Lee because it is a piece of history and that they would not delete it as they would not think of removing the Nazi memories exhibited at the museum in the military section. “If we are to receive complaints about the presence of General Lee, we have much worse articles in our military building,” he said.


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