Duffield death: man admits murder of wife and new partner


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The bodies of Helen Hancock and Martin Griffiths were found by the police on New Years Day

A man admitted to murdering his wife and new partner on New Years Day.

Helen Hancock, 39, and Martin Griffiths, 48, were found stabbed to death in a house in Duffield, Derbyshire, in the early hours of January 1.

Derby Crown Court heard Rhys Hancock call the police around 4:20 am GMT to tell him that he was in his former marital home and admitted to having killed the couple.

Hancock, of Etwall, Derbyshire, pleaded guilty to the two murders.

The 40-year-old former school head will be sentenced to a date to be fixed.

Police found the bodies of the mother of three, Ms. Hancock, and the businessman, Mr. Griffiths, in the home.

An investigation revealed that the two suffered multiple dagger injuries and that Ms. Hancock’s right eye suffered blunt trauma.

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Rhys Hancock will be sentenced at a later date

On December 26, Hancock was informed of a new court hearing.

Hancock’s mother called the police just after 4:00 am to warn them that he had left his house with two knives after telling him earlier that he “wanted to kill them.”

A handler was the first to arrive at Ms. Hancock’s home and ordered the accused to go upstairs before arresting her.

The two victims were found in a room with several stabs.

Mr. Griffiths had already died, but the paramedics fought for more than 15 minutes to resuscitate Ms. Hancock before she was declared dead.

A pathologist’s report quoted during his investigation said: “A knife was recovered from the abdomen. The entire knife located in the body. “


Mrs. Hancock and Mr. Griffiths were found stabbed to death in a Duffield home

A close friend of Ms. Hancock, who worked as a physical education teacher, said that she “loved life” in the months before the killings and that she had climbed Snowdon with her new partner just a few days before their death.

Her family described her as “a charming, beautiful, friendly, bubbly and social person”.

Mr. Griffiths’ family said he was “a handsome father, husband, son, brother and uncle who had a passion for adventure, racing and a love of animals.”

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