Drivers in France still drive dangerously – but a little better


More than nine out of ten drivers (91%) admit to having exceeded speed limits compared to 92% in 2019, 72% state that they do not respect the safety distances (it was 76% last year), 57% forget to put their indicator lights up when passing or changing direction, against 61% last year and 27% send text messages while driving, against 28% last year.In addition, almost three-quarters of the drivers surveyed (74%) said that they looked away from the road for at least two seconds.

Twenty percent of drivers also have a negative opinion of their own driving behavior and 89% negatively rate the attitude of others (irresponsible, dangerous, aggressive, etc.).

But the survey also shows that two dangerous behaviors are on the rise: forgetting to wear a seat belt which affects 10% of drivers compared to 8% last year and driving on the emergency lane of a motorway which concerns 4 % of people against 3% the last year.

Bernadette Moreau, General Delegate of the Vinci Autoroutes Foundation, said: ‚ÄúThere are still a very large number of really dangerous behaviors. Although drivers may be more lucid about their own driving, they tend to judge that they are driving well and be more severe with others. ”

The survey also shows that residents of Ile-de-France honk more and tend to insult other drivers more often (67% of them honk and 81% insult others).

In general, 56% of drivers on French roads beep – 3% less than last year. 18% tend to overtake on the right on the motorway against 22% last year, but this action is most often carried out in Brittany (39%).

This survey was carried out on a sample of 2,400 people aged 16 and over and does not include drivers in Corsica.


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