Driver fights snake with just knife and seat belt while accelerating to 76 mph


A driver arrested by police for speeding was released when it appeared that he was trying to fight a snake while driving.An Australian, Jimmy, was fighting the reptile with a knife and a seat belt when the police reported it.

Dumbfounded officers who stopped the vehicle by the roadside in northern Queensland were confronted with the sight of a panicked, knife-armed driver, reports the Daily Star.

In a video showing the drama, Jimmy leans out of his car window to explain his situation.

He told the officers that he feared being bitten by a poisonous snake lurking in his ute (Australian slang for “utility vehicle” – a car with an open tray at the back).

Wide-eyed Jimmy Arrested By Police After Battle With Snake

Jimmy pushed the reptile away with a knife and a seat belt while driving, but could not slow down and was timed at 123 km / h (76 mph) in a 100 km / h (62 mph) area ).

He tells the officer that he was bitten by “a brown snake or a tiger snake” who crawled into his car.

“It was useful with me, I think it bit me,” he says.

Jimmy, frantic, adds, “You can feel my heart, buddy. “

Jimmy explains his plight

The surprised cop asked, “Did you find a snake in your car?” ”

He then moves to the rear of the vehicle, where a rare brown snake is lying on the tray above certain bags.

“Oh that one,” said the cop, pointing to the lying reptile that is bleeding in the tank.

The officer immediately called an ambulance, fearing it was a deadly species.

Indeed, the police found a bleeding snake in the back of the vehicle

Jimmy explains that the snake twisted in his car through the gear lever and wrapped tightly around his legs.

“The more I moved my legs – it’s pretty big – it started to wrap around me,” he says.

“His head just started hitting the chair between my legs. “

The sculpture was believed to be a deadly eastern brown snake

Jimmy was worried about being bitten by an eastern brown snake – responsible for 41% of snake deaths in Australia and capable of causing death from a heart attack in minutes.

Fortunately, he was not bitten in a fight with the deadly reptile, but the paramedics called to the scene found that he was in shock.

“Yes, it was pretty terrifying, I’m not going to lie,” can we hear Jimmy say to the cop in the clip.

“I’ve never been so happy to see red and blue lights,” he admits.

He was not charged with speeding.


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