Drew McIntyre prompted Heath Slater to make a recent WWE RAW comeback


It turns out that Drew McIntyre had a lot to do with Heath Slater’s last and last WWE appearance.

Slater, who was released by WWE in April, made a surprise appearance in Monday’s WWE RAW episode to be part of the opening segment as Dolph Ziggler brought Slater to promote with the champion of the WWE.

Ultimately, this led to McIntyre quickly beating Slater in a singles match. They caught up with the game once McIntyre saved Slater.

In an interview with talkSPORT, McIntyre revealed that he called Slater to make another WWE match before the expiration of his non-competition.

“The time at the end was very special and I insisted that this idea come true,” said McIntyre. “I think I saw something on the Internet saying I was behind and I wonder how they get this information ?! But yes, I played a big part in getting there and to be honest, Heath was a little against it and I spoke to my wife just before the phone call I made to Heath to try to convince him to come on the show for the segment.

McIntyre went on to note how his wife told him to remember how he felt when he was released and not know what was going to happen to him. He noted that Slater appreciated the opportunity with WWE and that he has mentally evolved.

McIntyre continued: “[Heath Slater’s] ready for the next step and it is not safe to go back, so I told him clearly, “trust me, it will not look like everything you have done”.

McIntyre added that Slater has worked hard and people will see what he looks like now and that also advances their story, so everyone has won in this segment.

“We finally got him on board and got him into the series – he absolutely killed him, as I knew. “


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